Unique Ohrringe mit Muschelperlen


Unique Ohrringe mit Muschelperlen

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The designer wants to say: Pearl comes from the sea, comes from shells, comes from pure nature, pure natural design is the most beautiful design.

Produkt Information

  • Die Muschel enthält zwei Naturperlen
  • Exklusiv vom Desinger


  • Natürliche Muscheln und Perlen


Designer: KEYT

Gewicht: 3.3g
Maße: 2.6cm*2.3cm


Maintenance tips about jewelry

* In order to keep your beautiful jewelry in good condition, we recommend that you avoid contact with acid and alkali substances, such as skin care products, perfumes, hand sanitizers, etc.

* Humid environment is also the enemy of alloy jewelry, it is not suitable to wear it when taking a bath!

* Sweat secreted during sleep will accelerate the oxidation of jewelry, so say GOOD night to your favorite jewelry.

* When collecting jewelry, you should wipe the jewelry clean and store it separately in a sealed bag.

* If the jewelry is not wiped and exposed to the air for a long time, the surface of the jewelry will be oxidized.



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